New Dwelling, Berkshire

Design and Planning

Although the site for this project was relatively generous, the position of the dwelling was restricted by the settlement boundary of the village and the planning departments’ desire to ensure that the boundary was not extended by the development.

Consequently, the new dwelling had to be located within a relatively small portion of the generous plot and the desired floor area had to be spread over three floors rather than two with the lower ground floor being predominantly below ground level.

The presence of a basement again required very careful attention to the construction details to create a seamless transition between the below ground retaining walls and the superstructure whilst ensuring a waterproof enclosure.

The new home employs external materials sympathetic to the local historic built environment but to suit the more contemporary style of the new building with facing brick walls and stone features to the approach elevation and oak framed glass walls opening out to the valley to the south.

On this occasion the Client considered that the complexity of the building was such that a full understanding of the build was required and requested more detailed drawings to assist with the construction and I produced a full set of detail drawings describing all major envelope conditions.


The benefit of having the detailed drawings was the smooth progress of the build which was delivered on time and on budget much to the Client’s delight and he has settled in comfortably to his new home.