Remodelled Dwelling, Gloucestershire (Ugly House to Lovely House)

Design and Planning

The Client approached me with a view to extending and modifying they’re plain 1960’s-built home located in a pleasant hamlet in the heart of the Gloucestershire countryside.

The original building occupied a prominent, elevated location and was self built, apparently to a strict budget, of brick walls and tiled pitched roof. Its ordinary appearance was very much at odds with its position at an important and prominent crossroad within a modest rural village.

The Client was keen to both increase and improve the living space as well as creating a more appropriate aesthetic given the property’s prominence.

The design evolved through a process of consultation and iterative design into a comprehensive re-imagining of the original dwelling. Given the extensive nature of the alterations the option of a complete new build was discussed before being rejected in favour of modification and remodelling.

The final design brief incorporated re-planning of both existing floor levels including new extensions and links to external spaces on both ground and first floor. The remodelling also encompassed the roof, which was built with simple trussed rafters, unsuitable for easy conversion. It was decided to completely replace the roof structure and envelope using a similar geometry to the original roof but allowing much improved insulation values as well as additional usable floor space.

The planning process was far from straightforward for this project as a number of objections were raised by local residents. However, written arguments were presented to explain the design philosophy and the planning department fully supported the application which duly gained permission to build.

Work was begun late in 2017 by a local Contractor and the overall construction programme was approximately 12 months culminating in completion in time for Christmas 2018.


The project was considered to be of such high quality and interest that it was featured in several issues of the Home-building and Renovating magazine from May of 2018.

The Client is extremely happy with they’re transformed home which now sits proudly, rather than apologetically, in its prominent position.