New dwelling, Norfolk

The Brief

The Client was keen to create a traditional style home incorporating an oak post and beam frame and incorporating green and energy saving features ensuring long term sustainability.

The Solution

Working closely with the Client we concluded that, in order to maximise the potential insulation levels, and to minimise CO2 emissions for the new building envelope, a softwood construction for the inner leaf of the external walls was desirable.

This approach also offered a “good fit” with the green oak structural frame around which the dwelling was designed.

The external skin of the building comprised both stone and facing brickwork which demanded careful and imaginative detailing, and has resulted in a visually stunning home.


Ultimately the final result was a superbly executed home which was considered of a high enough standard to be awarded the accolade of winner of the Home-building and Renovating ‘Best Traditional Homes’ category, 2008, much to the Client’s delight.