New Dwelling Buckinghamshire

Design and Planning

Prior to the Client approaching me the design for this dwelling was already predominantly in place and planning permission had been gained.

However, they became interested in introducing green oak into the construction and I focused on introducing a full oak frame within the envelope as designed. Consequently, the layout required considerable modification during the building regulations process to ensure that elements including windows, staircase and internal partitions were correctly positioned to co-ordinate and integrate an oak frame.

Clearly, the integration of the oak frame required a high degree of knowledge and expertise to ensure the frame could be integrated seamlessly and elegantly. Having many years of experience in oak frame design I was approached to work closely with the Client to ensure that the building form and oak frame married together to achieve their dream home.


The completed house not only achieves the goal of incorporating the oak frame but manages to do so without having to compromise the vision realised by the original design.

The result is a beautiful home which the Client is delighted with, which has featured in Country Homes and Interiors magazine.