Kitchen Extension, Ledbury

Design and Planning

The existing dwelling was built in 1999 and, as a modern estate house, and sadly was provided with a substandard kitchen and dining room arrangement.

As well as being poorly designed the kitchen had not lasted well and was looking somewhat timeworn showing signs of wear and tear. The Client was left with the choice of replacing it like for like or the more dramatic option of creating a new space for a new kitchen.

Following lengthy discussions it was determined that the room the kitchen occupied was the main part of the problem and finally the decision was made to extend the house to create a new open plan kitchen/dining room space, taking the opportunity to replace the floor finish up to the front entrance door.

In undertaking the design of the extension, it was decided to apply for planning permission rather than be restricted by the requirements of permitted development rights (PD rights). This decision allowed for a more imaginative design ultimately resulting in an attractive aesthetic solution.

In creating the new space, a new opening needed to be created in the rear wall of the existing house requiring the installation of substantial steel beams, an operation requiring great care and planning.

The kitchen could then be relocated into the extension freeing up the former space as dining area.

Roof-lights were strategically positioned in the new lean to roof to ensure that the deep plan space received ample natural light supplemented by a comprehensive and flexible lighting installation of up and down-lighting.


The resulting family space now forms the centrepiece living area of the home not only fulfilling the brief of creating a new kitchen but creating a complete family living space transforming what was an ordinary estate house into a proper home.