Home by the Sea

Site Context

The site for this house was particularly interesting as it lay on the shore overlooking a spectacular salt mash nature reserve on the east coast of England.

Detail Design

The plot, by definition, was challenging as it was prone to tidal flooding and occasional isolation by rising water levels. The lower ground floor was to be below the extreme tidal flood level, experienced infrequently, and required very careful detailing to ensure it would withstand this occasional rise in water level.

This part of the building was designed to prevent penetration to the habitable spaces but allowed water into the garage area where a complete seal could not be achieved. Where water penetration could occur the building materials and construction details chosen needed to be robust and flood resistant.

The main living spaces were formed within the upper two storeys with bedrooms located within the mansard roof and daytime rooms at first floor well above the highest tidal range.

Due to the height of the building above the surrounding landscape the main spaces were accessed via external steps leading to a balcony level to the roadside creating an attractive terrace arrangement.

The Client’s brief emphasised their desire to maximise the exceptional views across the estuary, so the rooms were opened up to this elevation through large windows accessing a balcony and a roof terrace.


The result is a beautiful family home, future proofed from rises in sea level and overlooking a truly breath-taking land and seascape.