Oak Framed extension, Newport

Site and Context

The Client on this occasion sought to extend to the rear of their home to improve the dining and daytime living space as well as improving the kitchen layout which shared the space.

The existing dwelling was a relatively new estate house (2-3 years old) of a typical universal vernacular style and build.

Design and Planning

The design brief was relatively straightforward and simple and involved the addition of new single-story living space to the rear of the dwelling.

The Client was very keen to maximise the potential daylight into both the new and existing spaces which demanded the maximum percentage of glass to the enclosing envelope. It was decided that green oak framing offered the most appropriate solution to the joint requirement of a structural frame with maximum glazing.

To increase the potential for daylight and for aesthetic affect, the design also included orangery style rooflights over which, set within a partially vaulted ceiling, help to create interest and drama to the new space.


The result is a very simple but highly effective and attractive single storey extension executed to a very high standard and quality of build and which stands in counterpoint to the original dwelling. Ian and Estelle are delighted with the new space which is a very real improvement and has transformed their home.

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