House extension to oak framed house – Midlands:

The Client approached me with a very specific brief and a clear view of what she wanted to achieve to create additional high quality living space to her existing home. We interrogated the brief, over my sketch proposals, and eventually developed a design incorporating a two storey element enclosing a new kitchen, study at ground floor and en-suite master bedroom at first floor and a new single storey vaulted space enclosing a new day room and dining room.

Between us we created the design brief from which my initial design proposals evolved. Respecting the setting of the building, which is within a conservation area, I made the decision to adopt a similar style in order that the new building would complement the original architecture and to allow the design to incorporate soaring internal room spaces.

Once the design was agreed and finalised, following further dialogue with the Client, I undertook the planning application which was well received by the local planning authority and planning permission was duly granted.

The photographs demonstrate the extension as nearly completed offering comparison to the original building demonstrating a substantial improvement from the original building.

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