Combined Museum & Theatre:

As the major project of the second degree the brief for this project was devised and formed by me and was inspired by the obvious need to replace and supplement the existing facilities which were available at the time in a historic Surrey market town.

The site was located next to an attractive canal and was occupied at the time by an open-air car park which was an under-use given its central position in the town.

The project presented some particular and unique challenges born from its dual purpose as theatre and museum. The footprint and form of the design evolved in response to this dual purpose and the building comprises two distinct wings connected only at basement level, however, the architectural style visually links the separate elements making clear the heritage of both elements.

The design allows the building to open up to the canal whilst offering a less permeable façade to the enclosing road which surrounds the site on the other three sides. As the building was land locked and unconnected to any existing architecture I created a design of modern aesthetic, which was fully justified given the eclectic and varied style of the surrounding town which had suffered a certain amount of damage during the second world war and had fared little better since due to unsympathetic town planning and some brutal modernist architecture.